Seeking the Truth Walking in the Light
Seeking the TruthWalking in the Light

About Us

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We are a diverse group of people who recognize our need for the only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We gather together to worship, to fellowship and to share the love we've been shown with the world. We are far from perfect but we strive to walk in the light of God's Word and in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Our Values

Love God

God is worthy of all our praise and we seek to obey Him in all things. We also grow in our love for Him by our faithfulness and willingness to conform to His likeness.

Love People

All people have a need for redemption, for basic necessities and a need to be loved. As the church our mission is to reach out to stranger and friend, to the rich and poor, to the sound and broken with the love and message of Christ.

Our Focus


How can we not be thankful to God who has created all things? He has given us life, even eternal life, to those who are faithful. Our immediate response can only be devotion, followed by obedience to his will. Many may think that worship only happens on Sunday in a building with a group of people but worship is also a daily group or individual action where God is the focus. We worship Him in all things and at any time because He is worthy. Worship should be both public and private. We gather together on the first day of the week to worship God in a public setting with His church. We should also spend time in our homes both with family and alone worshiping our all-powerful creator and savior.


To fear God is the beginning of wisdom. Gaining an understanding of who God is and knowing He is all powerful and able to punish with an everlasting punishment those who do not fear Him. We also develop an understanding of God’s love and his ability to save with an everlasting salvation those who do love and fear Him. John 1:3 tells us that everlasting life comes from knowing God and Jesus Christ whom He sent. It takes time and effort to get to know someone, and growth as a Christian is no different. We learn about God through His written word the Bible, through  prayer, and through the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. God has told us that we cannot love Him, who is unseen, if we cannot love each other, which we can see, so growth must also include our love for people. God has shown us that it is a blessing to give and where there are people there is plenty of need, the greatest of which is hearing the message of His love for them. Growth is also measurable. Many of us have come to dislike tests but when viewed in a Godly way we understand its purpose. All of us face struggles in life but with struggle we also gain strength and endurance. Strength and endurance equip us to walk the path God has laid out for us.



We have no ability to save a lost world without the power of God’s Word, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the saving blood of Jesus’ sacrifice but we’ve all been given abilities by our creator. Not all of us have the same abilities but all of us share in the responsibility of communicating the truth. Jesus came into the world to testify to the truth and that likewise is our mission. Sometimes we testify to the fact that we are sinful because we say and do things that are not right, but it is our mission to testify that God loves us and has provided us freedom from the captivity of sin and death through His son Jesus. We attempt to communicate God’s love by opening up our hands in service, helping those who have need, by opening our mouths to speak words of comfort and understanding but also words of conviction, and by opening our hearts, sharing our lives in ongoing fellowship. We bring a message of peace in the midst of strife, a message of hope to the hopeless and a message of love to the unlovable.